Small Worlds


Visit the Google Arts & Culture and look for the term "diorama" in the search engine, go to the article called "The windows of Nature". Investigate what a diorama is. How are they created? What parts do they have? 


Choose one of your favorite animals and look for information about it on the internet. Where does it live? What does it eat? 


In the Google Arts & Culture go the American Museum of Natural History and go into street view. 

Investigate the dioramas of the museums.

1. Find a human diving with fishes

2. What diorama is to the left of the Seal diorama?

3. What animals can you find in the diorama room that has two elephants in the center?

4. Where do the bison live?

5. Can you describe the habitat of the jaguars.


Now it is time to create your own diorama.With the information you gathered.

You will need:

- a box for the display

- one or more figurines of the animal you choose (or some dough to create your own)

- paper to create the background

- anything you can use to recreate the habitat 

You can use more things. Be creative there is no limit. Create a summary of the information you found and put it behind the box as a label in a real diorama. Share your creation @museumventure

Write in the comment section below what animal you choose and why