Famous Art in my Room


1. On a tablet or smart phone open the Google Arts & Culture App

2. Press on the camera feature that is on the bottom 

3. Select Art Projector  

4. Follow the instructions *It may take some time to get it but it is worth it 


Take a picture with the art work in your room. You decide where it goes, who is on it, etc. 


Which one of the art works that appear on the bottom would you choose to hang on your room? Why?


Search for the painting you choose on the Google Arts & Culture App.

Now look at the image close and analyze

1. What do you see?

2. What do you think the work of art represents? What was the artist trying to say?

3. What do you wonder about the work of art you choose?

Read the information that is in the page. What is the most interesting fact about it? 

Write in the comment section below what work of art you choose and why and/or if you feel like it publish your picture on Instagram or facebook using the hashtag #museumathome #famousartinmyroom