I am Art


This activity is inspired by the Instagram account 


Visit this account and see what other people are doing. 


Find three things in your home that you can use to recreate the painting. Recreate the painting and take a picture. If you feel like upload the picture and tag @tussenkunstenquarantaine and @museumventures #iamart #museumathome 


Go to the Google Arts & Culture and in the menu select Explore and look for the Color Explorer. Choose your favorite color. Find a work of art you would like to recreate at home. 


Look up for the work of art you choose on the Google Arts & Culture.

Now look at the image close and imagine you were the character or the objects in the image. How do you think they feel? Why?

Write in the comment section below what work of art you choose and what do you think the characters/objects in the picture feel.