Contemporary Art Bingo


Visit the Google Arts & Culture and go to the Vancouver Art Gallery page. Look for the work of art called The Brain by Douglas Coupland.


The list you have created is your bingo card. Go around your house and try to find as many objects of the list as you can. You just need to find the kind of object listed, colors and ex


*You can play this with game with other members of your house. Each one should have a minute to create their own bingo list from the objects they find on Douglas work of art.  


For this activity you will need a timer, a piece of paper and a pencil/pen. Go to street view. You have one minute to write as many objects as you can find on this work of art. 


This work of art is called The Brain. Why do you think the artist gave it this name? If you would have to make a similar work of art of your brain what objects will you put on it? You can write a description or do a drawing that shows the objects in your brain. 

Share your Bingo list. Lets see who can find the most items in their house