Dinosaurus Explorus


1. On a tablet or smart phone open the Google Arts & Culture App2. Look for The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and find the images of Dinosaurs.  


How many dinosaur can you recognize from the skeletons pictures? Use a dinosaur book to compare. If you have purchased an Imaginebox you can use your Dinosaurs ABC book.  


Now we are going to learn how big actually was a dinosaur by comparing its footprint size to our own. 

1. Download the document below to your computer and print it. The image will be better if you don't have any margins set in your printer settings. Or you can colouring the lines cut by the margins afterwards. Also you can skip pages 10 and 12 because they have no drawing just numbers. 

2. Put it together according to the letters shown in the diagram of the first page. 

3. Trace your foot on a piece of paper and cut it to compare it to the dinosaur foot. How many time does your foot fit on the dinosaur's foot? 


Now you can take a picture of your foot compared to the T- Rex foot and post it using the hashtags #musuemventures #museumathome