From Art to Music and Viceversa


Visit the Google Arts & Culture and look for the Online Exhibit "The Sound of Colours" from Kandinsky. Read the explanations. What is Synesthesia?


Now choose an art work from the collection of paintings from Kandinsky in the Google Arts & Culture website. Create a musical composition based on the work of art you choose. You can use any instrument that you have at home, boxes to make a beat, kitchen utensils or your voice to sing. 


Now choose your favorite song and listen to it closing your eyes. How does it make you feel? Try to imagine shapes and colours that it could represent. 


With any artistic material you have at home create an art work inspired by your favorite song. You have to create your work of art in the time that the song lasts. Don't stop during the creation, just let the song guide you and inspire you. Write down a description explaining your creation. 

Share the description of your art work. Don't forget to write down the song you use at inspiration.